Past life regression is available as a form of hypnotherapy that is used to heal and transform the root causes of physical disease and deep-seated emotional issues and patterns. Past life regressions can help you connect with your soul, get answers regarding your relationships, careers, fears, desires and even your life purpose.

Past life regression is based in a belief of reincarnation, namely that your soul is eternal and indestructible. I believe that everybody reincarnates because we have many lessons to learn Lessons about love, compassion, charity, non-violence, inner peace, patience, etc. It would be hard to learn them all in only one life. Also, some people come back voluntarily to help others. I think that sometimes you have to come back. If your learning is not finished, you find yourself being born into another lifetime. There may be some choices involved, however, but apparently there are limits to the choices. Highly evolved souls do not have to come back but often choose to reincarnate to help as teachers.

Another belief of past life regression is karma, the spiritual principle of cause and effect, in which your past experiences, thoughts and actions directly influence your present and future on earth. While it is frequently understood that your parents, childhood and life experiences impact who you are in this life, karma takes this conception further to span your soul’s past lives.

Part of the uncertainty around understanding past life regressions is that some of you are not aware of what’s happening in your subconscious in any particular moment during the day. But you do have those moments where your issues and experiences mystify you.

Have you ever had déjà vu when you met someone, visited a new place, or did something? That feeling of “I know you!” or “I know this!” even though you can’t quite put your finger on how? Do you wonder why you’re here on earth? What your soul purpose is? Do you ever wonder who you were in a past life? Why you love or feel deterred by someone?

Chances are, you have asked one or many of these questions previously. That’s because you are spiritual beings. Such experiences and reflections are how your soul whispers to you that there is more to you than you know. Those deep parts of your soul are where this knowledge resides. This knowledge can offer healing, answers and guidance to the mysterious issues in your life.

Past life regression is a holistic therapy for your body, mind, psyche and soul, based on cause and effect (karma). Your soul (or Higher Self) is divine, everlasting, eternal and all-knowing. A Divine spark indeed. What happens in one of your lives carries over into your next.

You can heal and transform on the level of your soul with a past life regression, often quicker and more effective than other healing modalities. You can also connect with your soul’s wisdom and the blueprint of who you are.

Your soul is your astral database, with access to vast amounts of information about you and your past lives. You can receive answers and guidance about yourself and your life. You can receive answers to questions like:
• Why am I here?
• Why am I going through this?
• What is the purpose of my life?

Here are 14 reasons for having a Past Life Regression
  1. You get to touch and feel your soul, and know who you are as a spiritual being.
  2. You receive unconditional love. You will know and feel how sacred and divine you are. How completely loved and precious you are.
  3. You can discover your soul purpose and your reason for you being here on earth.
  4. You can understand the dynamics behind your relationships – both the delightful and challenging ones – and how to shift or grow from them.
  5. You can heal physical issues. Just remembering a past life trauma like drowning, a person is healed from asthma.
  6. You can heal emotional issues like phobias, fears, and alter toxic mind-sets of feeling powerless, abandoned, or unloved.
  7. You get “soul perspective”. This will shift just about the way you view yourself, your relationships and life itself.
  8. Hidden, untapped talents and gifts can awaken in you.
  9. You receive guidance and love from your spirit guides.
  10. You can heal and transform on a cellular level very quickly.
  11. You can connect with your soul family and kindred souls beyond your earth family.
  12. You can feel and experience your Divinity, your true nature of love, peace, joy and wholeness.
  13. You know who you are as a soul and as a spiritual being.
  14. Experience the transitional states of death and beyond.
How Does Past Life Regression Work?

While in a light trance, with me as your guide, you experience each past life yourself. You see it, sense it, and feel it. You are the central character deeply involved in the past life story.

How long is a Session?

A session is three hours. During the first hour we engage in an interview, which has the feel of a counselling session. We discuss why you want to do a regression and what you would like to accomplish. I ask many questions about your present life including your family history, events in early childhood (if you remember), your physical health, etc., as a means of focusing on particular patterns that may be a reflection of your past life experiences. The interview not only gives me information about you, it also primes your unconscious and begins the regression process.

After the first hour, we move on to the regression. The regression is done while reclining with your eyes closed so you can direct all your attention on your inner experience. The regression itself usually lasts from 60 to 90 minutes, or longer if necessary. Typically, a client can experience one to three lifetimes during the session.

I leave time after the regression to discuss the experience. If you go deeply into a regression (which I hope you will), you may feel very peaceful, or a little drained, or slightly disoriented. Hopefully you will also be full of amazement at what you just experienced. I make sure you have time to get reoriented and grounded before you leave.

“When you feel better as a result of a past life recall experience–whether a physical symptom has been alleviated, an emotional issue soothed, or you simply feel more confident and peaceful about your life and its direction, you don’t need to question the logical validity of the experience. You know it has empowered you to improve the quality of your life in a very tangible way…It is exhilarating when you realize how much greater you are than your current, confined ego or personality. The real you, the immortal you, is the you that is present from body to body, from life to life. How exciting it is to meet yourself!”

Taken from Through Time into Healing by Brian L. Weiss, M.D

For inquiries about Past Life Regression, contact Vash or Paul:
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