In what ways do the Purification Rings differ from meditating with angels?

The Purification Rings offer a deeper level of spiritual connection compared to the angelic contacts that humans have traditionally experienced. This enhanced interaction with the Seraphim is a result of our current stage in the evolutionary journey on Earth. Moreover, the Lightarian Attunements present a distinct approach from the more common “telepathic and etheric interactions” that individuals may already have with Angels or Ascended Masters. Each Lightarian Attunement establishes a unique and profound connection within your energy fields, enabling more effective collaboration between you and these high vibrational beings, even during moments of unconscious engagement. Your newfound partnership with the Seraphim initiates an immensely powerful transformation, leading to spiritual acceleration through Descension and Expansion.

How will the Seraphic energies collaborate with me?

The Seraphic groups have dedicated themselves to a close and impactful collaboration with individuals like yourself. Their primary objective is to assist you in embodying and expanding the authentic seraphic qualities of unconditional love, wholeness, harmonization, beauty, and bliss within your daily experiences. Their support is designed to facilitate the integration of these transformative qualities into all aspects of your life.

What occurs once I enroll?

Upon enrolling in the Purification Rings course, the following steps will take place:

  1. You will receive your training eManuals. It is recommended that you thoroughly read through the provided material before your scheduled session.
  2. You will be contacted to arrange a session. Most students opt for a meeting via platforms such as Zoom or Skype. Alternatively, you can choose to have the session conducted over the phone or remotely.
  3. Each Purification Ring will be transmitted to you by the Master Facilitator from the Lightarian Institute through an attunement process. The attunements are facilitated using guided meditations that create a profound connection between your etheric energy and the Seraphim. This connection establishes an extraordinary partnership to support you in navigating your daily life on Earth.
  4. Once you have received the Purification Rings, you will have formed a highly effective angelic support group that will provide powerful assistance as you progress along your spiritual journey.
How can we adapt to the new paradigm of “All that Is” given our physical inclination towards operating within polarities?

The Seraphim aim to infuse our energy fields with their qualities and energetic patterns, enabling us to function in a state of pure bliss.

Traditionally, the Seraphim, residing in higher vibrational realms of the Angelic Realms, have remained distant from humanity. However, the Seraphim have now responded to the call for divine service to support our global and individual transformation. Through the establishment of Purification Rings, a unique and special connection is formed within your energy fields, facilitating more effective collaboration between you and these seraphic groups.

More about the levels of the Purification Rings?

The various seraphic groups will serve as guides for you in unique ways:

  1. Seraphim Y grants us the Seraphic Blue Flame of Wholeness, initiating the reformatting of our genetic encoding and transforming our perception to encompass the “All That Is.”
  2. Seraphim C bestows upon us the crystal skull, which aids in integrating and enhancing our sensory input. By reformatting the frontal lobe, it enables a fuller experience of our existence on the Earth plane and facilitates our transition into the new paradigm. In collaboration with Star Arinae, Seraphim C also assists in the reformatting of our genetic makeup and brain processes.
  3. Seraphim V assists in activating the coolness of the blue flame, allowing us to operate from a state of joy, laughter, thoughtfulness, and lightness. This process involves shedding the cloak of fear and embracing our authentic truth.
  4. Seraphim Z facilitates the complete integration of life experiences, including the release of deeply stored grief. Addressing unresolved grief is crucial, as it creates energetic imbalances within our being.
  5. Representatives from all the Seraphim groups collaborate to effectively invoke intentions using the blue flame energy. By anchoring these intentions in a state of pure bliss, they help us manifest our desires and aspirations.
  6. Seraphim K introduces us to the dynamic engagement with the magical energies of the Earth. They guide us in understanding humanity’s relationship with the Earth plane and enable us to establish energetic connections that are more effective, loving, and pure.
What can I expect after my Attunements?

Each individual’s experience of attunements is unique. Over the years, we have discovered that students’ comprehension of society as a whole undergoes a transformation. As a result of energetic advancements, there is an expansion in our mental bodies, allowing us to perceive events in our personal lives and in group consciousness with a sense of wholeness. These shifts in perspective not only influence our daily lives but also impact the communities we are part of.

Immediately following each attunement, specific changes and transformations take place. These may include the initiation or further development of life purpose alignment for those already on their chosen path. We may also observe physical shifts such as detoxification and heightened sensory perception. Many individuals experience the release of grief that they have consciously or unconsciously held onto. The final phase entails embracing happiness, contentment, and blissful engagement with life.

The transformative journey offered by the Lightarian Purification Rings™ course, guided by Vash and Paul from Prana Vaidya, is an extraordinary opportunity for growth and self-discovery.