The Universe is dying to talk to us.
We just need to listen.

Card reading is one of the powerful tools that has helped people communicate with the divine for thousands of years. It’s been used in all corners of the world to seek guidance. To find answers. To navigate seemingly impossible situations.

Why? Because cards create a direct line of communication between those of us on earth and the angels, guides, ancestors, and ascended masters who want to help us. Every card deck is a portal to their guidance. Every card is a story that’s waiting to be told. And if you know how to read those stories, you can get not only unbelievably clear answers to the questions you pose but also an exciting map of someone’s spiritual journey – including your own!

When you understand how to read cards, you open up to a life of extraordinary possibility and divine guidance at every turn. Imagine having no more decisions that you struggle over. No more confusion about big life choices, like your partners, your career, and your life purpose. Even the most mundane, day-to-day questions take on a whole new life when you channel the Universe’s insight. That’s the beauty of being a card reader. You can get answers for yourself. Your friends. Your loved ones and Clients. You can take your journey with as far and as deep as you like. Our own journey is a never ending one of continuous self-discovery.

Oracle Cards are becoming are popular and there are numerous Oracle Cards decks available. Oracle Cards are the key to opening up your connection to the conscious Universe and accessing the information available to you all the time through the world around you. Using Oracle Cards allow us to connect to the energies of the Universe. They can be Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides, Gods, Goddesses, Loved ones or animals. They are all waiting and willing to offer you the help, guidance and support you need. The cards also connect you to your Soul – your Higher Self.

We offer the Card Reader Course: Master Oracle and Tarot Reading as a guide to understanding and using Oracle Cards in a way that can benefit you on your own life purpose or journey as well as the journey of others around you. You can also use it as a skill to earn an income.

We have studied Card Reading with eleven Teachers from the Hay House Inc, Carlsbad, California.

Level 1 Course Content
  1. Welcome
  2. Introduction
  3. A Beginner’s Guide to Card Reading
  4. The Language of the Universe
  5. Bridging the Gap: Meditation and Card Reading for Divine Connection
  6. Choosing a Deck
  7. Tarot or Oracle Cards
  8. The Development of Tarot and its Impact upon the Waite-Smith Deck
  9. The Elements and the Suits: The Battle of Swords and Wands
  10. Playing Cards and the Tarot
  11. Waite-Smith Tarot: Key Words for the Major Arcana
  12. Waite-Smith Tarot: Key Words for the Court Cards
  13. Waite-Smith Tarot: Key Words for the Minor Arcana
  14. Key Words for the Yin and Yang Suits
  15. The Wheel of Fortune: Two Readings in One
  16. Chakra Colours and Their Key Words and Gemstones
  17. Angels and the Chakras and Symbols They Represent
  18. The Akashic Tarot: Key Words for the Major Arcana
  19. The Akashic Tarot: Key Words for the Minor Arcana
  20. The Energy Oracle Key Word Grid: A Quick and Easy Reference
  21. Conclusion
  22. Bibliography
Level 2 Course Content
  1. Card Layouts
  2. The Energy of Time and Connection
  3. Understanding the Akashic Records
  4. Igniting Your Intuitive Abilities
  5. What Deck is Calling to You?
  6. Charging the Cards with Your Intentions and Energy
  7. The Starseed Oracle Attunement
  8. Pathways of Reading Preparation
  9. Tips for Reading for Yourself
  10. In the Footsteps of Nostradamus: Opening to the Divine and to Your Psychic Vision
  11. General Guidelines in Forming Card Reading Questions
  12. Tips for Creating Your Own Spread
  13. Possible Uses for More Than One Deck in a Single Reading
  14. Troubleshooting and Professional Tips for a Card-Reading Practice
  15. Directions, Time, and Placing Extra Cards in a Reading
  16. Your Intuitive Self
  17. Five Types of Intuition
  18. Trust
  19. Exercises to Ignite Your Intuitive Abilities
  20. How to Connect to Another Person’s Energy
  21. Grounding Yourself
  22. Clear your Space
  23. Conclusion
  24. Bibliography
Level 3 Course Content
  1. Welcome
  2. Introduction
  3. Unlocking the Power Within: Tapping into Your Intuition for Card Reading
  4. Unveiling the Mystique: Understanding the Different Types of Oracle and Tarot Cards
  5. Journaling with Oracle Cards: Unearthing Barriers to Healing
  6. Harnessing the Healing Power of Tarot Cards for Emotional and Physical Well-being
  7. The Journey of Card Reading
  8. The Journey of Card Reading by Prana Vaidya
  9. Speaking with Your Spirit Guides: Calling in Your Etheric Helpers for Card Reading
  10. Meditation Script to Connect with your Guides, Ancestors and the Wise people in your Lineage
  11. Meditation Script to help you ask for Guidance from your Spirit Guides in Card Reading
  12. The Professional and Caring Approach to Readings
  13. Creating a Code of Practice
  14. Responsible Use of the Tarot and Oracle Cards
  15. The Most Common and Pressing Client Questions
  16. Dealing with Difficult Clients, Difficult Questions, and Card Responses
  17. Guidelines to Building a Career in Card Reading
  18. Diversification in Card Reading
  19. Conclusion
  20. Bibliography
For inquiries about our Card Reader Course contact Vash or Paul:
Cell: 072 101 6099
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