The Lightarian Gateway™ is crafted to serve as a conduit for expediting the progression toward heightened interaction with multidimensional energies, facilitating the evolution into an inter-dimensional being.

What is the Background for the Lightarian Gateway™ Program?

Amidst the ongoing energetic shifts and transformations experienced by the Earth presently, many of us are sensing a pressing need to invigorate and enrich our personal growth processes. Having established the foundational framework through the successful completion of the Lightarian™ Buddhic Track and Lightarian™ Angel Track programs, an individual has enabled a greater integration of their spiritual essence within the physical vessel. This process of Ascension/Descension has eliminated polarities and opened pathways for acknowledging and engaging with diverse dimensional realities within the Earth’s realm. The Lightarian™ Gateway program furnishes comprehensive training for skilfully navigating these dimensional planes. It involves working with the Crystal Skull, the Blue Flame of Wholeness, and the Gem Grid, as well as engaging with various esteemed ET and Seraphim groups under the guidance of masters.

In a concise manner, our Lightarian perspective regarding personal growth within inter-dimensional realities, as facilitated by the Lightarian™ Gateway program, encompasses the following key aspects:
• Broadening the utilization of the Crystal Skull and the Blue Flame of Wholeness, both acquired through the Purification Ring program.
• Reprogramming the body at a cellular level to enhance an individual’s capacity to effectively engage with energetic frequencies and the Lightarian™ Gem Grid.
• Fine-tuning the individual’s energy field, inclusive of harmonizing the Unified Heart Chakra.
• Most notably, establishing a collaborative rapport with diverse Master ET groups and Seraphim groups to acquire skills in manoeuvring through physical realms and inter-dimensional spaces with greater ease.

Prerequisites for the Gateway program are AngelLinks and Purification Rings. You also need to have completed either Lightarian Reiki or Lightarian Ascension Bands.

What is the pathway to and through the Lightarian Gateway™ program?

The process of becoming a Lightarian™ is a continuous journey. As individuals engage with the developmental pathway provided by the Lightarian™ modalities, a natural progression unfolds, leading to personal transformation that is evident through the elevation and expansion of personal vibrational frequencies, heightened awareness, and the deepening of emotions, thoughts, actions, lifestyles, and overall existence. This journey fosters a stronger and clearer connection between one’s lower incarnational self and the energies of their Higher Self. By reuniting body, mind, and spirit to purify and elevate the mind and physical form to a level where they harmoniously merge with the Higher Self-achievements facilitated by the Lightarian Buddhic Track and Lightarian Angel Track programs-we are now prepared to expand our utilization of the Crystal Skull, the Blue Flame of Wholeness, and the Unified Heart Chakra. Additionally, we are poised to learn the techniques of interfacing with the Gem Grid and skilfully navigating diverse dimensions, all with the guidance of our ethereal allies.

Emanations from extra-galactic realms, alternate dimensions, and varied energetic compositions have extended their assistance to bolster and assist us in our human and global transformation. Aspects of two Seraphim groups, Seraphim C and Seraphim K, in conjunction with the Master ET energies of the Arcturians, Sirians, Pleiadians, and other dimensional entities, have stepped forward to offer humanity methodologies for accessing new dimensional realms, amplifying the connection between the physical body and the Lightarian™ Gem Grid, and enhancing interpersonal relationships within the Earthly realm. This collective effort has inspired the creation of distinct Gateway modalities that center on recoding and utilizing cellular coding within the physical body. Commencing with the Crystalline Gateway, this serves as the foundational platform for an additional five tiers, which collectively link us to the Gem Grid and grant us entry to diverse dimensional realities.

What requirements must be met to enrol in the Lightarian Gateway™ program?

The Lightarian Gateway™ program is designed to advance from the foundation established by the following prerequisites:
1. AngelLinks
2. Purification Rings
3. Either Lightarian™ Reiki or Ascension Bands

Completion of AngelLinks, Purification Rings, and either the Lightarian™ Reiki or Ascension Bands programs is essential before becoming eligible for participation in the Lightarian Gateway program.

What is the Gateway Level 1: Crystalline Gateway?

The Crystalline Gateway serves as a catalyst for realizing an amplified understanding of your true essence and a heightened recognition of your purpose in the present moment. Although seemingly straightforward, the progression toward increased awareness, lucidity, and comprehension of these pivotal life aspects constitutes the very essence of the spiritual awakening journey. Through the reception of the Crystalline Gateway, this process of evolution is not only enriched but also expedited.

What is the Gateway Level 2: Ruby Gateway?

The Ruby Gateway finds its inspiration from the Arcturians, centering its attention on imbuing the physical form with the capacity to draw, convert, and manifest elements existing on the Earthly realm. This enhancement is achieved through an augmentation of brain development and its harmonization with the Unified Heart Chakra. Guided by the Arcturians, the potential of the Crystal Skull is expanded through a concentrated emphasis on the somatosensory cortex within the brain. This region is responsible for processing sensory information from various bodily systems that are attuned to the sense of touch. As synchronization occurs between the brain and the body, your capabilities evolve, enabling you to rely less on the interpretation of physical sensory inputs and more on perceiving energetic frequencies and diverse vibrations within both the body and the Earthly domain.

What is the Gateway Level 3: Blue Apatite Gateway?

The Blue Apatite Gateway draws its inspiration from the Sirians, concentrating on the refinement of your individual vibrational frequency and embedding within the physical form the ability to unify and establish connections with the collective whole. Guided by the Sirians, this program progresses from the foundations laid by Seraphim K, as experienced in Purification Rings Level Six, wherein golden notes were bestowed upon your throat chakra to facilitate harmonious alignment with the Earthly realm. The attunement of the Blue Apatite Gateway amplifies, broadens, and extends this bestowed gift. Comparable to a magnetic influence, our focus lies in aligning events, converging individuals, and harmonizing ideas. Our intent is to contribute to the advancement of collaborative endeavours.

What is the Gateway Level 4: White Sapphire Gateway?

The Pleiadians have taken the initiative to extend their energetic assistance as we engage with the White Sapphire Gateway. The density of the white sapphire carries particular significance, as it synergizes effectively with the Crystal Skull and the crown chakra. This synergy establishes a connection with the gemstones you have received in the initial three levels of the Gateway program. The energy flow sequence will traverse from the white sapphire to the Crystal Skull, then onward to the diamond, followed by the blue apatite, and culminating in the rubies. This intricate sequence facilitates the transmission of knowledge downloads. These downloads encompass a spectrum of information intended for our cellular composition, guiding their actions and empowering us to navigate multidimensional realms. This level of the program delves into the intricacies of dimensional understanding.

What is the Gateway Level 5: Citrine Quartz Gateway?

The Citrine Quartz Gateway is a harmonizing process influenced by the energies of celestial entities existing within the 7th and 8th dimensions. While devoid of specific nomenclature, these entities, collectively referred to as the Aurora group with their consent, shall be dedicating their focus to refining your individual vibrational frequency. In addition, they will imbue the physical form with the aptitude to discern and navigate among various dimensional realities.

What is the Gateway Level 6: Gem Grid Gateway?

The Gem Grid Gateway is bestowed by the combined energies of the Aurora group and the Seraphim, who have willingly extended their energetic assistance as we embark on the journey to activate the Lightarian Gem Grid. Within this stage, an avenue opens for you to establish connections with akin spirits spanning the globe and traversing dimensions, without the constraint of physical proximity. This transformative process will elevate you to the epitome of inter-dimensional existence.

What transpires once you enrol?

The progression of your Lightarian Gateway™ journey involves several straightforward stages. Once you’ve completed the enrolment process, the following steps unfold:
1. Your training eManuals will be delivered to you. We kindly request that you peruse the provided material in advance of your scheduled session.
2. We will reach out to you to coordinate the scheduling of your session. Many students opt for virtual meetings via Zoom or Skype, although phone or remote sessions are also available.
3. Each attunement session is scheduled with a minimum gap of 7 days between them.

Each Lightarian Gateway is transmitted to you by Vash Narain-Kerr, the Master Facilitator of the Lightarian Institute, through an attunement procedure. At the Prana Vaidya Centre, our attunements take place through engrossing guided meditations. Within this meditative state, Vash establishes a direct ethereal energy link between you and the Master Being, creating a remarkable partnership to guide you in your daily life on this earthly plane. Once you receive the Lightarian Gateway, you will have established an immensely powerful network of High Vibrational support to greatly assist you on your spiritual path.