In a world that often overwhelms us with its fast pace and constant stimulation, it is crucial to create spaces where children can reconnect with their inner selves and explore their innate potential. Vash and Paul, internationally accredited Reiki Masters, have established Prana Vaidya, a haven for holistic growth and spiritual healing. Their Reiki for Children Course offers young individuals a unique opportunity to tap into the power of subtle energy and learn simple methods of utilizing Reiki. By honouring children’s unique perspectives and presenting Reiki in a way they can understand, this course provides a nurturing and supportive atmosphere for their holistic development.

The Natural Awareness of Children:
Children possess a remarkable awareness of healing energy and often have the ability to perceive it. They exist in close proximity to the flow of life, experiencing the world with fresh eyes and an unclouded perspective. As a result, learning Reiki comes naturally to them. The Reiki for Children Course acknowledges and respects this natural affinity, fostering an environment where their innate connection to subtle energy can flourish.

Exploring Subtle Energy:
Reiki, a healing practice originating from Japan, involves the channelling of universal life force energy through the practitioner’s hands. In this course, children will be introduced to the concept of subtle energy and its role in promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. By embracing experiential learning methods and age-appropriate activities, Vash and Paul ensure that the children engage with Reiki in a way that resonates with their understanding and curiosity.

A Fun and Interesting Journey:
Recognizing that children learn best when they are actively engaged and having fun, the Reiki for Children Course is designed to be enjoyable and captivating. Through interactive games, storytelling, art, and music, Vash and Paul create an immersive learning experience that captivates the young participants. By infusing creativity and playfulness into the teachings, the course instils a sense of joy and excitement, fostering a deep connection with Reiki.

Nurturing Support and Understanding:
Children thrive in nurturing and supportive environments that acknowledge their unique perspectives. The Little Healers: A Guide to Reiki for Kids Course cultivates an atmosphere where children can freely express themselves and explore their energetic being. Vash and Paul value the individuality of each child and adapt their teachings to match their understanding. By providing a safe space for exploration and growth, they empower children to develop their innate potential and build self-confidence.

Awakening Innate Potential:
As children embark on their Reiki journey, they unlock their innate potential for self-healing, compassion, and personal growth. Reiki serves as a catalyst, enhancing their ability to manage stress, promote relaxation, and develop empathy. By cultivating a sense of self-awareness and fostering mindfulness, Vash and Paul empower children to take responsibility for their well-being and become active participants in their own healing journey.

The Little Healers: A Guide to Reiki for Kids Course at Prana Vaidya represents a unique opportunity for children to explore the realm of subtle energy and harness the power of Reiki. By embracing children’s natural awareness and presenting Reiki in an engaging and age-appropriate manner, Vash and Paul create an environment where children can connect with their innate potential. Through nurturing support and understanding, children are empowered to develop their self-healing abilities, fostering holistic growth and spiritual well-being. With the guidance of Vash and Paul, young individuals embark on a transformative journey that ignites their passion for Reiki and opens doors to a lifetime of self-discovery and healing.

The cost for each child participating in the Little Healers: A Guide to Reiki for Kids Course is R1 000.00. This fee covers various essentials, including the Reiki Kids Certificate, Reiki Children’s Manual, and all the necessary craft materials.

The Little Healers: A Guide to Reiki for Kids Course is specifically designed for children aged between 6 and 12 years.

Embark on a delightful Reiki journey with us as we teach children the wonders of this healing practice. Through sharing Reiki with children, we rediscover the awe and joy that may have faded over time. It is a true blessing for us to have the opportunity to guide and serve our wonderful children.

For inquiries about Reiki for Children contact Vash or Paul:
Cell: 072 101 6099
Cell: 082 618 4792
Should you wish us to host this course in your area, please contact us for details of how to go about this.