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Space Clearing Course

We all have the ability to sense energy. When we enter a space, we not only react to the style of the furnishings and various colours and textures, but we also perceive the energy surrounding us. Positive energy makes us feel good. Negative energy brings us down.

Space Clearing offers a simple and highly effective way to turn the latter into the former. It can turn a depressing place into a haven of beauty, harmony, and effervescent joy.

Our Space Clearing Course teaches you specific techniques to cleanse the energy of your home and business, which in turn can produce a remarkable and positive influence on the way you feel, and have an effect on every aspect of your life.

Our Space Clearing Course will teach you the following:
  • Learn about energy healing and space clearing.
  • Understand the importance of your surroundings.
  • Learn how to recognise energy in a space.
  • Get acquainted with the composition of a room.
  • Learn to prepare and carry out the actual steps to clear a space.
  • Obtain skills to help others in clearing spaces.

Chapter 1: The Basics
Chapter 2: The Energy Field
Chapter 3: What is Space Clearing?
Chapter 4: The Anatomy of a Place
Chapter 5: Techniques for Bagua Life Situations
Chapter 6: Other Tools and Preparation
Chapter 7: Space Clearing Steps
Chapter 8: After the Clearing
Chapter 9: Helping Others
Chapter 10: FAQs
Chapter 11: Chakra Charts
Chapter 12: Examples of Using Reiki for Space Clearing
Chapter 13: Conclusion