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Living in the Light Course

Dear Beautiful Soul!

We would like to express our appreciation for the positive impact you bring to the world. Embarking on a journey to seek enlightenment and discover one’s inner light is a fulfilling and transformative experience. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to support you in this journey.

Prana Vaidya provides a sacred space for individuals to explore spirituality, receive deep healing, and celebrate their inner light. It doesn’t matter where you are on your spiritual path, whether you’re an experienced healer, a supportive friend, or a new seeker, you have come to the right place. The work we do here has the potential to transform your life, as well as the lives of your loved ones and clients, if you choose to extend your learning.

We believe that we all have the potential to become spiritual teachers by the way we live our lives. Join our Master Teachers and Healers, Vash Narain-Kerr and Paul Kerr, as they guide and teach you how to discern between light and dark within yourself and others, and how to embrace a life filled with light.

By taking this course, you will gain the ability to help yourself and others to live a life filled with light. With our insights and training, you will feel empowered and supported, and you will never feel alone or lost on your spiritual journey.

During this transitional period towards greater consciousness, what the world requires from us are leaders – individuals who embody their inner light and can guide others towards it.

As Gandhi famously stated, we must be the change we wish to see in the world. As more people attain higher levels of consciousness, there is an increase in compassion, love, and the willingness to assist those who are still residing in the darkness. Therefore, it is your responsibility to embody the qualities of light that can act as a catalyst towards the tipping point, which will bring about the new World Age.

This extraordinary course is designed to expand your consciousness, helping you to become a beacon of light for others. It is essential that you learn how to maintain your overall well-being, including your mental health, so that you can become an example of light and inspire others. In this course, you will master various strategies, including:

• How to recognize your own inner darkness?
• How to transform darkness into light?
• How to lose your fear of death?
• How to distinguish mental illness from creative genius, schizophrenia from possession?
• How you can step into the light and help others come more into the light of higher consciousness?

Course Content

Chapter 1: Possessed by Darkness
1. What is Possession?
2. Warning Signs: Symptoms Which Could Indicate Someone You Know Is Possessed
3. Does Possession Exist Outside of Horror Movies?
4. Who Is Most at Risk?
5. What to do if You Suspect a Possession in Your Life?
6. How can we Clear the Influence of Dead Spirits?
7. Indicators that Dead Spirits are in your Midst
8. How to Protect Yourself from Dead Spirits
9. How to Clear Yourself of Negative Energy
10. Look Around – Has Dark Energy Attached itself to Some Object in Your Life?
11. Clearing Negative Energy from Objects
12. How to Clear Your House of Negative Energy?
13. What Happens After We Die? Near Death Experiences (NDE) Illuminate the Answer
14. Common phenomena reported from NDE experiences
15. Getting Real with Our Truth – How Studying Darkness Helps Us Step into The Light
16. Blasting into the Light
17. Possessed by Darkness
18. Experiences of the Light
19. The Power of the Violet Flame Meditation

Chapter 2: Madman or Creative Genius
1. Mental Problem or Spiritual Awakening?
2. Balancing the Light and Dark
3. Protecting Yourself

Chapter 3: Near Death Experience
1. Common phenomena reported from NDE experiences

Chapter 4: Being Strong, Healthy and in the Light
1. The Light Inside of You
2. Spreading Love to All
3. Don’t Squelch Your Light!
4. Forgiving Yourself
5. Still Can’t Get There?
6. The Science of Forgiveness
7. What forgiveness is and isn’t?
8. Have You Forgiven Yourself?
9. Self-Assessment: Part 1
10. Self-Assessment: Part 2
11. Unbending Intent
12. It is Never to Late
13. A Powerful Tool for Healing and Spiritual Awakening

For inquiries about our Living in the Light Course contact Vash or Paul at:
Cell: 072 101 6099
Cell: 082 618 4792
Should you wish us to host this course in your area, please contact us for details of how to go about this.