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Kundalini Reiki

Kundalini Reiki is now becoming one of the most popular and fastest growing forms of Reiki, being practiced by many thousands of people throughout the world. Traditionally Kundalini Reiki is taught over three different levels with the third level being the Kundalini Reiki Master Level and the Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher Level all in one. And all of this can be learnt in just under two weeks! Throughout this course, we will be taking you through each of these teachings, from Level One through to Level Three and in addition to this, as we mentioned in the foreword, we will also be offering you some further information about how you can expand your experiences with our very special series of Advanced Kundalini Healing energies. With this, we hope that we can deepen your healing experiences, help you to become a far more effective channel and ultimately, help to share these beautiful teachings and energies for the benefit of all beings! May you enjoy these traditional Kundalini Reiki teachings and may these beautiful energies help to provide you with the necessary platform to go more deeply into this Kundalini experience through the more advanced Kundalini healing levels.

Course Content

Activating (Unlocking) The Kundalini Reiki Level 1-3 Energies

Kundalini Reiki Level One (R 3 000.00)

How is Kundalini Reiki Taught?
Learning Kundalini Reiki Timeline
The Attunement Process
Welcome again to Level One – Kundalini Reiki
Receiving The Attunement for Level One
Instructions for Receiving Your Level One Attunement
The Self-Healing Practice for Kundalini Reiki
Bringing Kundalini Reiki Healing into Other Areas of Your Life
An Introduction to Using Kundalini Reiki to Help Others
Using Kundalini Reiki in A Hands-On Healing Session
Using Kundalini Reiki for Healing by Distance
Cleansing A Room, A House or Location
Conclusion to Kundalini Reiki 1

Kundalini Reiki Level Two (R 3 500.00)

Instructions for Receiving Your Level Two Attunement
The Kundalini Reiki Meditation
Additional Healing Notes
Conclusion to Kundalini Reiki 2

Kundalini Reiki Level Three: Mastering the Kundalini Reiki experience! (R 4 500.00)

Receiving The Kundalini Reiki Master Level Attunement
Receiving The Kundalini Reiki Master Level Attunement
Instructions for Receiving the Level Three Attunement
Introducing The Master Level Healing Practices
Instructions for Working with These New Healing Frequencies
Introducing Diamond Reiki
Introducing Crystalline Reiki
Introducing DNA Reiki
Introducing Birth Trauma Reiki
Introducing Location Reiki
Introducing Past Life Reiki
Additional Information About the Healing Practices
Additional Healing Techniques
Important Background Information for Teaching Kundalini Reiki
Giving The Kundalini Reiki Attunement
Testing the Energy after you have received the Attunement
Healing Another Person
Spiritual Hygiene