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Card Reader Course: Master Oracle and Tarot Reading (Level 2)

Congratulations on embarking on the Card Reader Course: Master Oracle and Tarot Reading (Level 2)!

In this course, you will encounter a variety of card layouts, or spreads, many with their own distinguishable patterns and structures from side-by-side horizontal arrangements to arches and pyramids to more complex crosses. As you practice these spreads, you’ll become even more familiar with their unique strengths and qualities. Over time, you’ll just “know” which card layout to choose for a reading. Perhaps you’ll find that a certain five card layout is perfect for your questions about relationships, or a specific seven-card layout is your go-to for questions regarding life purpose.

Always, use your intuition when determining which spread you should choose. As you’ll discover, if you feel like you need a lot of information about a certain question or topic, you’ll probably want to do an advanced or multi-card spread for a more in-depth, multifaceted reading. If you want just a quick insight about something, a one or two card layout might be just perfect. In choosing a card layout, know that you can’t get it wrong: the messages that you need to hear will come through either way.

Enjoy learning these incredible layouts, and feel free to research more – and to make up your own! This is one of the most empowering, and exciting, aspects of card reading. Best wishes on your journey ahead. We hope you enjoy reading and learning about Card Reading as much as we enjoy sharing it with you.

Course Content
  1. Card Layouts
  2. The Energy of Time and Connection
  3. Understanding the Akashic Records
  4. Igniting Your Intuitive Abilities
  5. What Deck Is Calling to You?
  6. Charging the Cards with Your Intentions and Energy
  7. The Starseed Oracle Attunement
  8. Pathways of Reading Preparation
  9. Tips for Reading for Yourself
  10. In the Footsteps of Nostradamus: Opening to the Divine and to Your Psychic Vision
  11. General Guidelines in Forming Card Reading Questions
  12. Tips for Creating Your Own Spread
  13. Possible Uses for More Than One Deck in a Single Reading
  14. Troubleshooting and Professional Tips for a Card-Reading Practice
  15. Directions, Time, and Placing Extra Cards in a Reading
  16. Your Intuitive Self
  17. Five Types of Intuition
  18. Trust
  19. Exercises to Ignite Your Intuitive Abilities
  20. How to Connect to Another Person’s Energy
  21. Grounding Yourself
  22. Clear your Space
  23. Conclusion