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Mindful Meditation

Train your Brain to Spiritually advance

Mindful meditation is a mental training practice that teaches you to slow down racing thoughts, let go of negativity, and calm both your mind and body. It combines meditation with the practice of mindfulness, which can be defined as a mental state that involves being fully focused on “the now” so you can acknowledge and accept your thoughts, feelings, and sensations without judgment. Techniques can vary, but in general, mindful meditation involves deep breathing and awareness of body and mind. Learning mindful meditation is straightforward enough to practice on your own, but a teacher can also help you get started, particularly if you’re practicing meditation for specific health reasons. Remember, meditation is a practice, so it’s never perfect. You are ready to begin now just as you are! Making mindful meditation a regular practice can lead to stronger effects, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to do it every day.

This course will detail some ways you can use Mindful Meditation to help yourself through difficulties as well as become a better person. We are all striving for improvement. Mindful Meditation is one way that we can help ourselves achieve not only spiritual well-being, but emotional, physical and psychological well-being as well. We teach you techniques on how to get started in your amazing journey through the world of Mindfulness.

Course Content

1. Introduction
• Focused Attention in the Present Moment
• Identifying Personal values of Self and the Operating on Auto Pilot
2. What is Mindful Meditation?
3. Mindfulness of the Body
• Grounding Exercise: Three Mindful Breaths
• Journal Topics
• Body Scan
• Full Body Awareness
• Using Sounds as the Object of your Awareness
• Mindfulness of Walking
• Common words for Physical Sensations
• List of Sensation Words
4. Mindfulness of the Emotions
• The Power of Emotions
• Signs and Meanings
• Body Mapping of Emotions
• Opening to Emotions Mindfully
• Signals
• Moods
• Personality Trait
• Anger
• Fear
• Disgust
• Sadness
• Enjoyment
• Intrinsic or Intention Actions
• Impediments and Antidotes
5. Being with What’s Difficult
• Judgement
• Mindfulness of Judgement
• Letting go of Judgement: How to do it?
• Resistance
• Befriend Difficult Emotions with the Handshake Practice
• Six steps to Mindfully deal with Difficult Emotions
6. Loving Kindness and Compassion
• Understanding the Nature of Love
• How to have Self-Compassion
• Tips for Having More Self-Compassion
• How Mindfulness Fuels the Heart
• Benefits of Loving Kindness and other Heart Centered Meditation
• Self-Oriented Loving Kindness Phrases
• Loving Kindness Meditation Phrases for Others
• Phrases for Neutral Beings
• Phrases for Difficult Beings
• Optional Final Phrase for all types of Loving Kindness Meditation
• Instructions for Heart-Mind Loving Kindness Mindfulness Practice
7. Communication and Leadership
• How to lead with Mindful Purpose: Communication and Balance
• Communication
• Mindful Tips for Difficult Conversations
• Mindfulness Resources to Enhance Mindful Communication
• Balancing Rationality with Emotions
• How to be a Mindful Leader
• What is a Mindful leader?
• Clarify your Values and Vision
• Cultivate Compassion and Understanding
• Practice Mindful Communication
• Enhance Emotional Self-Awareness
• Practice Responding versus Reacting
• Encourage Mindfulness in your organization
• Meditation for Mindful Leadership
• Mindfulness Exercise for Leadership
• Key Takeaways
• How to take Care of Yourself
8. Resilience
• How Mindfulness Builds Resilience. What Science Says?
• About Resilience
• Awareness versus Just Relaxing
• Equanimity for a Stable Mind
• Understanding Impermanence
• Compassion for Yourself and Others
• Developing Gratitude
• Surrender
9. Mindfulness for Anxiety
• What is Anxiety?
• The Ugly Face of Anxiety
• Will Mindfulness help my Anxiety?
• Developing a Mindful Mind-set
• Mindfulness exercises for Anxiety
10. Mindfulness with Work and Career
• What is Mindfulness in the Workplace?
• Unconventional Methods of Practicing Mindfulness in the Workplace
• Six Reasons why Mindfulness is Important for Your Career
11. Moving forward Mindfully
• The Importance of a Personal Mission Statement
• How to write Personal Mission Statements
• Personal Mission Statement Examples
• The Importance of Daily Practice
• Higher Self
12. Conclusion

This course is a 9-week program which starts with an additional comprehensive Introduction Week.

The Introduction week and the 9 following weeks gives you a 10-week comprehensive Mindful Meditation program.

For inquiries about our Mindful Meditation Course contact Vash or Paul at:
Cell: 072 101 6099
Cell: 082 618 4792

Should you wish us to host this course in your area, please contact us for details of how to go about this.