A Profound Spiritual and Healing Journey: Casa de Dom Ignacio in Abadiânia, Brazil


In April 2017, Vash and Paul embarked on a transformative spiritual and healing journey to Casa de Dom Ignacio in Abadiânia, Brazil. This pilgrimage held immense significance as Vash, diagnosed with an incurable disease in May 2015, had been given a devastating prognosis of just two months to live in December 2018. Their visit to this sacred place not only defied medical expectations but also brought about the most profound healing experience for Vash. Furthermore, they were granted the extraordinary privilege of bringing a crystal bed infused with sacred blessings back to their healing center, Prana Vaidya, in South Africa.

Faced with a devastating prognosis, Vash and Paul sought a glimmer of hope amidst the darkness. Their quest for alternative healing modalities led them to Casa de Dom Ignacio, a renowned spiritual center in Abadiânia, Brazil. Driven by desperation and a deep yearning for healing, they embarked on a transformative journey with unwavering faith and an open mind. Upon their arrival at Casa de Dom Ignacio, Vash and Paul were embraced by a profound sense of spirituality that permeated the environment. The center was renowned for its powerful healing energies, and the serene surroundings and collective devotion of those present created an atmosphere conducive to spiritual exploration and transformation.

A pivotal aspect of Vash’s healing journey at Casa de Dom Ignacio involved numerous sessions on the Crystal Bed. This unique healing modality utilized coloured crystals to cleanse and balance the body’s energy centers. As Vash lay on the bed, she was enveloped in a vibrant array of healing energies, as light passed through the crystals, promoting profound energetic alignment and restoration. During the Crystal Bed healing sessions, Vash experienced a level of healing that surpassed the confines of the physical realm. Immersed in the luminous hues of the crystals, a profound sense of peace and serenity washed over her. Vash sensed the subtle yet powerful flow of healing energy permeating every aspect of her being, offering solace, renewal, and a glimmer of hope.

Upon their departure from Casa de Dom Ignacio, Vash and Paul returned home, carrying within them the transformative energy and renewed hope instilled during their time at the center. They were deeply honoured to have been granted permission to bring a crystal bed infused with sacred blessings back to their healing center, Prana Vaidya, in South Africa. This unique offering eliminated the need for extensive travel and provided accessibility to the potent healing energy of Casa de Dom Ignacio to individuals within their own country. Vash and Paul approached the opportunity to offer the crystal bed healing service with a profound sense of honour and gratitude. They recognized the immense responsibility bestowed upon them and understood the importance of upholding the sacredness and integrity of this divine gift. They considered it an extraordinary privilege to be chosen as conduits for delivering this profound healing experience to the people of South Africa.

The arrival of the crystal bed infused with the sacred blessings from Casa de Dom Ignacio in Abadiânia, Brazil, to South Africa is an extraordinary gift. Vash and Paul are deeply honoured to have been chosen by the Entities to bring this profound healing tool to their homeland. With a sense of deep humility and gratitude, they offer this unique service to the people of South Africa, bridging distances and providing direct access to the transformative energies of Casa de Dom Ignacio. The crystal bed serves as a reminder of the immense power of healing and the profound impact that can be achieved when divine energies are channelled with love, faith, and integrity.

Through the crystal bed sessions, individuals in South Africa can now receive direct healing from the potent energies that have flowed through Casa de Dom Ignacio. The crystal bed acts as a conduit for the Entities’ blessings, offering a profound opportunity for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. This sacred service creates a space of profound transformation and renewal, just as it does in the healing center in Brazil.

Vash and Paul express deep gratitude for the extraordinary healing bestowed upon Vash by the Entities of Casa de Dom Ignacio in Abadiânia, Brazil.